Ever Wonder How Much Trash We've Left On The Moon Over The Years?

January 26, 2018
Yes, it's true. The moon is covered in space trash. Ok, ok, not "trash" but a lot of stuff that NASA had to leave behind. And it's not just any trash...it's expensive trash. By today's standards around $100,000,000,000 worth of space stuff is just hanging out on the moon. Since we first landed in the moon in 1969, we've left behind 809 pieces of trash. Everything from the two golfballs Alan Shepard smuggled into space to American flags to throw up bags to human waste! So why did NASA leave all this stuff behind? Well, it's an easy answer. The astronauts had to fight gravity on their way off the moon. In order to be as light as possible, you have to dump a bunch of stuff. Pretty interesting!