Woman Who Was Shot In The Head During The Vegas Massacre Leaves Hospital After Miraculous Recovery

January 25, 2018
Jovanna Calzadillas was celebrating her return from an Air Force deployment in Afghanistan at the Route 91 Harvest Festival with her husband when she suffered a gunshot wound to the head during what is now known as the Las Vegas Massacre. Calzadillas wasn't expected to recover. The doctors told her husband, Frank, that she would not survive her injury and suggested he take her off of life support. Before making the decision, Frank claims Jovanna came to him in a dream saying everything would be ok. Frank decided to move his wife to a medical facility closer to home. She needed a respirator to breath, and doctors again said her prognosis was 'very grim.' But the impossible happened, Jovanna started to get better. By November she was able to breath on her own. Shortly after she could drink water on her own. Jovanna's condition continued to improve. She then began therapy, using a state of the art exo-skeleton designed to help brain trauma patients learn to walk again. Jovanna arrived at a press conference on Wednesday to announce that she would be leaving the hospital the next day. Via Daily Mail