Man Blame GPS For Telling Him To Drive Car Into Lake

January 25, 2018
Tara Guertin lent her Jeep to some friends who wanted to do some sight-seeing in Burlington, Vermont.  You can surmise her shock then when she later received a call that her car somehow ended up at the bottom of Lake Champlain. Guertin claims her friends were following the direction of the popular GPS app Wave, which provides traffic updates sent in by the general public, and offers alternative routes due to accidents, speed traps and the like. Apparently, the app directed the trio to turn onto a nearby boat launch near a Coast Guard Station.  Visibility was limited due to it being dark and foggy.  By the time the friends realized the situation, the car was already 100 feet into the lake. The three friends were able to safely escape the vehicle through the passenger side window, and the driver has not been charged or cited by the city.  A salvage team was able to successfully remove the car from the lake, almost a week after the car had been submerged. Via USA Today