KFC Has A New Person To Play Col. Sanders, And She's A Woman!

January 25, 2018
https://twitter.com/usatodayvideo/status/956697577977761792 Yes, we now have a new person that will be playing Colonel Sanders for KFC and actually, she's is the first woman to ever do so. It is country singer Reba McEntire! She will be wearing the white suit, black string tie, glasses, white wig and even the goatee! "I've eaten KFC my whole life. It's been a favorite. It's American. It's wholesome," the singer says. She is now the 11th person to play the famous founder, the first woman to ever play the part and the 4th person within 10 months. As you may remember, Colonel Sanders was played by Ray Liotta, Rob Lowe, George Hamilton and Darrell Hammond. What do you think about this great move?   Marco A. Salinas Source via USA Today