Woman Has Balloons Implanted Under Face To Expand Skin For Birthmark Removal

January 24, 2018
23-year-old Xiao Yan was born with a rare mole covering her face.  The  congenital melanocytic nevus only affects about 1% of babies worldwide, and up until recently, it hasn't been much of a problem. Last March, however, Xiao began complaining of the mole beginning to hurt.  Medical officials became concerned, and were worried that without treatment, the mole could become cancerous.  In order to prep Xiao for the mole to be removed, doctors implanted four balloons under her face in order to stretch the skin, with the idea being there will be enough skin to replace the mole once it's removed. https://twitter.com/TheSunHealth/status/955757574363795456 The balloons are injected with saline twice a week to slowly expand them, with hir first procedure occurring in last October.  She will regularly receive injections for the next five months or so, which will also include up to six surgeries.  Xia told The Sun, "I used to feel sorry for myself.  But I've grown up under the support of my family and now I'm much more positive." Via The Sun