Skittles To Show It's Super Bowl Ad to 1 Person

January 24, 2018
Instead of showing their ad to 100 million people, Skittles are just going to show it to one person. The candy maker announced earlier this month that they were making an exclusive super bowl ad. So exclusive that only one single person will ever see it. They even announced who they were going to show it to. Marcos Mendoza of California, will be the only one who see's this ad, while the rest of us can only see his reaction to the ad on Facebook. Skittles released 4 teaser ads on Good Morning America of what the secret ad might be, but no one knows for sure. Matt Montei, vice president of Skittles' parent company, Mars, told AdWeek “Every other advertiser is going out there and showing their ad to 100 million people, we want to be the one brand who has the most exclusive ad in Super Bowl history." Maybe they're just trying to save a little money, the cost of a Super Bowl ad is about $5 million for just 30 seconds. Check out a few of the teasers below. Source Via: Yahoo News