Elderly Couple Accidentally Donate Soup Can Which Contained Their Life Savings

January 22, 2018
A Massachusetts couple cleared out their storage cabinet, donating multiple cans of food to their local food pantry. Unfortunately, several weeks after donating, the couple realized amongst the real cans of food was a fake that contained their life savings, all $2,500 worth.  The fake can has a bottom that unscrews which is where the couple stuffed their cash. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5PktmMpRGXE The couple's daughter, Amanda Mattuchio pleaded for whoever finds the money to return it.  She told Fox 25 in Boston, "When they went to put some more money into the can, they realized it had been put in with the donations.  It was kind of devastating.  I just hope whoever did find the money, if it has been found, that they see this and maybe find it in their heart to return it." A search of the food pantry has unfortunately not been successful.  The Middleton Food Pantry receives upwards of hundreds of cans of donated food each week, though director Frank Leary hopes it eventually surfaces.  He said, "I would love to find the can of soup.  That amount of money is a terrible, terrible loss for anyone.  For all I know, that Campbell tomato soup is sitting in someone's cabinet right now and they don't even know it." If the money never gets returned to the couple, Mattuchio's father says he hopes whoever ends up with it uses the money to "help make their own life a little easier." Via Fox News