Dallas Says To Bike-Sharing Companies, "Clean This Up Or We Will!"

January 19, 2018
Without a doubt you have seen those bikes pretty much everywhere and anywhere if you have driven through Dallas. In fact, bikes have been found in people's front yards, upside down, and at many awkward not-so appropriate areas. Yes, your voices and complaints have been heard loud enough for the city to want to do something about this situation. They decided to call out the bike companies such as LimeBikes and VBikes and pretty much say, if they don't clean and fix this situation up, the city will. In a letter from the city manager: "To resolve the situation, please take the following steps immediately: 1. Relocate all bicycles:
• Located on sidewalks narrower than 10 feet in width
• Located on turf, landscaping, or other unimproved surfaces
• Blocking access locations to public or private property and transit stops (includingbus and rail transit)
• Blocking sidewalk curb ramps
• Located on multi-use trails to their respective trailheads"
So there you have it, action will be taken soon to make those eye sores disappear!
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