CDC Officials Say The Flu Has Claimed 30 Children's Lives

January 19, 2018
As winter coming in strong this season, the flu epidemic has been spreading across the nation. The CDC says that 30 children have already died of the flu. Between Jan 6-13 alone, has already claimed 10 children deaths and others when the flu season started. As of Jan 13, lab-confirmed flu hospitals says they had roughly 8,990 reports of the flu. Last season in 2016-2017, the flu claimed 110 lives though the CDC says the flu isn't at it's peak yet. One superintendent of a school district in Alabama urges the parents to "do the little tings that seem inconsequential." For example, washing your hands, get the flu shot and making sure sick students stay at home. Be sure to keep your kids warm and getting them checked to the doctor.   Marco A. Salinas Source via ABC News