Japanese Train Outfitted To Bark Like A Dog To Avoid Animal Collisions

January 18, 2018
In 2016, Japan's transport ministry reported a record 613 cases of trains colliding with deers and other animals causing at least 30 minutes delay for each incident. In order to combat the incidents, and prevent the numbers from growing, the Railway Technical Research Institute has begun outfitting trains with speakers in order for them to emit animal noises to scare away any potential animals near the tracks. Officials say the train will first emit a three-second clip of a deer snorting, of course in order to attract the attention of animals in the area, followed by 20 seconds of dogs barking, which should be enough time to scare any animals away. https://twitter.com/VideoTweetsPH/status/953716413281308675 Officials from the RTRI are adamant that the trains will only bark in areas where deer are commonly seen, and are not as densely populated by humans living by the tracks. Via BBC