David Harbour's Latest Internet Challenge? Enough Retweets And He'll Officiate Your Wedding!

January 18, 2018
Stranger Things' David Harbour recently posed with High School student Demaris Fregoso for her senior photos, after she was able to secure 25,000 retweets, per his request.  Amongst other things, Harbour wanted to wear a school sweatshirt and hold a trombone.  Pretty reasonable requests for the best senior photos of 2018! https://twitter.com/postydamaris/status/952023516508930049?ref_src=twsrc... Well, we're happy to see that the 42-year-old has no intention to stop granting the outrageous wishes of his fans, provided they receive the appropriate amount of retweets! Another fan tweeted Harbour, asking what would it take to officiate her wedding! https://twitter.com/ErickaElizabth/status/953040090711937029?ref_src=tws... Of course, he's totally game!  All he needs is 125,000 retweets, the wedding date to not conflict with the shooting of the third season of Stranger Things (we feel this is the most important!), he gets to read "an esteemed love letter of [his] choosing," and once the cake is cut, he gets the first piece.  All pretty reasonable we say! https://twitter.com/DavidKHarbour/status/953450886969286656?ref_src=twsr... We need this to happen!  Retweet away! Via CNN