Grown Lions Hug And Kiss Woman Who Raised Them In Adorable Reunion

January 16, 2018
Malkia and Adelle are two lions who were rejected by their mother when they were cubs.  They were taken under the care of a big cat rescue organization in Slovakia, and were hand reared by Michaela Zimanova. Unfortunately, as lions tend to do, Malkia and Adelle became too big for Michaela to take care of, and were transferred to Malkia Park, a zoo in Slovakia, where they have lived since.   Michaela routinely visits the lions, and is one of only three people who is granted close access, and from the video of one of their reunions, it's easy to see why! Have you ever seen anything like that?  These lions turn into total kittens at the sight of their "godmother."  And if you're getting any ideas, these lions are still incredibly dangerous. Michaela's situation is incredibly rare, and lions are to be treated with extreme caution.  A zoo spokesman said, "We never play with them as they are dangerous animals, we respect their mood, and only cuddle when they want." Via Daily Mail