Flu Forcing DFW Suburb To Cancel School Through Next Tuesday

January 16, 2018
As you've probably heard (or even experienced), the flu has not only become a huge problem...it's actually taken lives. As you'll read about in their tweet below, a Dallas-Fort Worth suburb is playing it extra safe by cancelling school through next Tuesday because of, "...the number of students and staff members exhibiting flu-like symptoms..." Bonham ISD (about 90-minutes northeast of Dallas) made the announcement around 3:30pm today.  Their plan is to disinfect all spaces: including buses.  Health officials said a 7-day period of time should be enough to stop the cycle and spread of the flu.  Days will not have to be made up: and bad weather days will not be used. Please be safe, Bonham! https://twitter.com/BonhamISD_/status/953376533779042304 Follow Jack on FacebookTwitter or Instagram @JACKFMDFW!