Ultramarathon Champion Disqualified For Hiding In Porta-Potty During Race

January 15, 2018
Kelly Agnew was disqualified from the Across the Years ultramarathon in Arizona, and stripped of several other titles, after race officials discovered he was hiding in porta-potties for extended periods of tim in the middle of races. Agnew was found “registering laps without running the complete loop of the course," and believe it or not, has been doing so for the last several years.  In 2015, he won a 48-hour timed race by more than 55 miles, though he stopped running seven hours before the race ended.  Race organizers said Agnew was witnessed "circling back at the start/finish staging area after completing a lap, spending over 7 minutes in a portable restroom and then ‘completing’ the lap and going on for his next without actually running the mile plus loop." Along with his titles, Agnew has also begun losing sponsorships as well.  Officials told the NY Post, "It saddens us to see this take place at an event that is centered around camaraderie amongst runners and support of top performances.  This type of cheating is not tolerated by our race or race organization.” Via NY Post