Texas Woman Arrested For Murder After Police Discover She Googled "How To Kill Someone And Not Get Caught"

January 13, 2018
Sandra Louise Garner, 55, told police she woke to the sounds of gunshots inside her Maypearl home. She alleged a masked intruder broke into her house, shot her husband to death, and stole $18,000 from their safe.  The masked man then instructed her to hide in a bathroom and count to 100, as he had no quarrel with her. Well, turns out, Sandra made the whole thing up.  First, the bullets used to kill her husband, 42-year-old Jon, were fired from a gun found in her automobile.  Then, a search through her browser history revealed a recent search, "how to kill someone and not get caught."  She was quickly detained and brought in for murdering her own husband. Sandra has yet to enter a plea for the charges, and Maypearl police could not immediately be reached for comment. Via People