NBA Jam's Silver Anniversary Might Bring Back The Franchise

January 13, 2018
Yes, you must remember the video game NBA Jam back in the 90s. Well, turns out, the video game will be turning 25 this year and there has been talks about bringing back the franchise again. "Remember, this was pre-Internet," says Mark Turmell, creator of the game. "If there was somebody that was excelling at that time, that caused me to put them into the game. I guess it was probably Mike Iuzzolino of the Dallas Mavericks. If I were to go back and look at his career, I bet you that he had a stretch right at the time when I was making the rosters, where it looked like it wasn't really a flier." Obviously picking the best players in the 90s was a little difficult, despite that this was during the pre-Internet days. Now we have the internet to keep tallies on the best players of the season. The L.A. Clippers will host the Sacramento Kings on Saturday and will celebrate JAM DAY. Check out the rest of the story here... Marco A. Salinas Source via ESPN