Habitat For Humanity To Convert Shipping Containers Into Affordable Housing In McKinney

January 13, 2018
The North Collin County Habitat for Humanity purchased a three acre plot of land in east McKinney last November. Within the year, town homes ware expected to being arising on the land, all of them converted from old shipping containers.  Each home, made of four shipping containers, will be 1,280 square feet, and will each hold three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a second-floor balcony, and covered carport. The property, named The Cotton Groves, hopes to provide affordable housing in an area of North Texas that's rather expensive to live.  McKinney Mayor George Fuller told Dallas News, "Cost of living in McKinney is not low.  It's an expensive place to live.  We have a lot of industry, a lot of businesses that depend on a labor force that quite frankly can't afford to live in the city." https://twitter.com/dallasnews/status/951845546431582209 The Cotton Groves plans to sell properties to people at 30% of their gross monthly income.  Those who wish to live on site must  lived or worked in north Collin County for one year, currently live in substandard housing, and are willing to contribute sweat equity to help build their homes as well as others. Habitat for Humanity still needs about $4.5 million to fund the project, and are planning to launch a  capital campaign in the upcoming months. Via Dallas News