'Girls On Film' Demo By Duran Duran Has Been Released

January 13, 2018
This four song demo back in '79 by Duran Duran and early singer Andy Wickett is now available! It has the original version of their hit single Girls on Film and the other song See Me Repeat Me which was re-worked into the song Rio. It also features Reincarnation and Working the Steel. The demo is can be purchased digitally, on CD and even on vinyl formats. The group recorded the demo back in '79 at Bob Lamb's studio in Moseley, Birmingham. It was Wickett who joined Nick Rhodes, John Taylor and Roger Taylor, in which the early singer had a major role in writing the song Girls on Film. "It is important for people to understand the true origins of the song "Girls on Film" and to hear the edgy sound that Duran Duran had in the beginning. This song was inspired by the dark side of the glitz and glamour, where these perfect idols suffered tragedy and addiction. The film "Sunset Boulevard" was also a big influence with its tale of a fading movie star." Wickett was quoted in a press release. Check out the songs here! Marco A. Salinas source via slicingupeyeballs.com