Please Don't Touch The Wild Monkeys In Florida: They Might Have A Virus

January 12, 2018
Don't touch that monkey! If you happen to be visiting Florida, and are tempted to take a selfie with a random simian...don't!  It turns out scientists have discovered that more than a quarter of feral rhesus macaque monkeys in that area carry the deadly herpes B virus.  They're calling it, "low-risk, but high consequence (like rabies)." The virus doesn't really do a lot to the monkeys (eye irritation, cold sores, mouth ulcers), but can be devastating to humans: 70% of the time causing brain disease (especially without treatment). So how do you get it from a monkey?  Usually in its poop, pee or spit.  Weird enough, lab workers or veterinarians have been the most reported cases.  None have been reported by bites from wild monkeys. Ewww... Source: The Verge Follow Jack on FacebookTwitter or Instagram @JACKFMDFW!