'Sexy' Kangaroo Blocks Tourist From Using the Restroom, Goes Viral

January 11, 2018
A "sexy" kangaroo is going viral after French tourist, Sandrina Duniau found the animal while she was trying to use the toilet. Completely unfazed the kanagroo just sits there continuing to pose. https://twitter.com/Caters_News/status/951149184203350022 Of course the Internet was full of only the best reactions and memes that could do right by the kangaroo. https://twitter.com/raffciccone/status/951318221985951744 https://twitter.com/richjamesuk/status/951319994989555712 https://twitter.com/TheNTNews/status/951272568794697728 https://twitter.com/bbrigina/status/951280828524441600 https://twitter.com/James_M_Lamb/status/951288049723351040