Celine Dion, With Grace And Compassion, Deals With Crazy Fan Who Jumps On Stage

January 10, 2018
We're not sure we could have been as patient! The video above has gone viral: and rightly so.  Instead of having an (apparently) drunk fan escorted off her stage, Celine Dion decided to have a calm conversation with her. It seems the woman got up on stage at Celine Dion's Las Vagas show the other night, and started talking about her son.  Celine chatted with the woman: and treated her with compassion, grace and heart. Here's what people had to say about Celine Dion (and how she handled the situation): https://twitter.com/agrigia/status/950900719883780096 https://twitter.com/wendy604/status/950914220773720064 https://twitter.com/BFABRICEE/status/951021050002853888 https://twitter.com/glennjroe/status/950923702434238464 https://twitter.com/rheaecho/status/950907770299023361 Source: Mashable Follow Jack on FacebookTwitter or Instagram @JACKFMDFW!