Most Cable And Satellite TV Prices Are Going Up Soon

January 9, 2018
If you subscribe to cable or satellite television...get ready.  Your bill is probably about ready to go up. According to BGR (a leading mobile and technology news source), six of the biggest TV providers in the United States are about ready to jack-up their prices (or already have!).  The timeline for most: the next three to six months. Here's the list (and how they're adjusting their rates):
  • AT&T/DirecTV: starting this month, across the board, their prices will go up $8/plan.
  • Charter: with a few exceptions, most plans will go up $10/month.
  • Dish Network: beginning this month, if you have a channel bundle, you're looking at a price increase of $5.
  • Cox: not only are their TV packages increasing by $10, but later this year internet plan prices are expected to go up.
  • Comcast: look for TV prices to go up about 2.2% beginning this month.
  • Verizon: none of the details have been worked out yet, but they're planning on increasing rates this year, too.
If you're already locked into a "double/triple play" package, you should be OK...for now. So what should you do?  Here are some tips:
  • Call your provider and do some wheeling-and-dealing (or, heck, just complain/threaten you're going to leave).  If you (nicely) push, they might renew your current plan at the price you've been paying (hopefully!).
  • Cut the cord: completely drop cable and satellite television.  Even though (in most cases) you won't have the rush of "real-time" TV, you can save a heck of a lot of cash by going with a streaming service like Hulu or Netflix.
  • Go old school: buy an HDTV antenna.  For less than $20, you can purchase one that has a (up to) 60-mile range.  And don't worry: we're talking small antennas here...not the ugly monstrosity that your parents attached to the top of their house in the 80s!
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