Male Sexbots With AI And Working 'Parts' Might Be Available For Sale Sometime This Year

January 9, 2018
Turns out the future is now and it's getting a little disturbing. CEO of Realbotix Matt McMullen said recently that his company is preparing to release a line of AI, male sex robots. Last year we saw the launch of Harmony, the world's first interacting female sex robot, so it's no surprise that a male robot wouldn't be far behind.  So far the male sexbot is unnamed, but will have all the same software as Harmony.  This of course includes a bionic penis.  However it's still unknown if the AI will be able to control its bionic penis or not. Realbotix says the male robot will come in all shapes and sizes since as the company says, "the sky is the limit". Since Harmony's introduction, several scientists and doctors have considered the ethical implications of having sex with a robot.  And of course all over social media, Harmony was viewed as bizarre and creepy. -source via