Humpback Whale Saves Diver From Tiger Shark

January 9, 2018
A marine biologist who went diving in the South Pacific has a lot to be thankful for. Nan Hauser and her team were diving near the Cook Islands when she filmed a 50,000-pound humpback whale use its own head to push the biologist out of the way from a large tiger shark! “I wasn’t sure what the whale was up to when he approached me, and it didn’t stop pushing me around for over 10 minutes,” Hauser said.  “I’ve spent 28 years underwater with whales, and have never had a whale so tactile and so insistent on putting me on his head, or belly, or back, or, most of all, trying to tuck me under his huge pectoral fin,” the biologist added. Unfortunately not filmed, the humpback apparently hid Hauser under its fin until the 15-foot-long shark left.  Her team added that these giant sea  mammals have a natural instinct to protect smaller creatures from ocean predators.  “We know these creatures are altruistic… We know they hide seals under pectoral fins to protect them,” Hauser explained. Hauser said it was clear that the humpback was attempting some form of communication with her during the rescue. -source via