Highland Park Is The First To Ban Bike-Sharing

January 8, 2018
Every day it seems like more and more bike-sharing companies are setting up shop in Dallas, bringing with them thousands of bikes. These bikes have caused obvious problems. The thousands of bikes are can be found strewn around the city, often obstructing sidewalks and even traffic. Highland Park is particularity fed up with the bikes, opting to ban the bikes all together. Back in November, Town Administrator Bill Lindley, concerned by the lack of regulation governing bike-sharing, sent a letter to the city council which read: “Resident complaints and the demand on our employees to police haphazard scattering of bikes throughout our community by the companies’ patrons, take away from accomplishing the work of the Town.” This prompted the council to pass a new ordinance which will go into effect next week. The ordinance requires the companies collect all bikes left in the town daily. Specifically: “no person shall park, or otherwise leave abandoned, a bicycle on a street, sidewalk, park or other public property without permission from the town.” If the bikes are not collected, the town will impound them, which means companies will have to pay between $30-100 per impounded bike. If the bikes aren't claimed within 15 days the town can sell them at auction. Each bike is valued by the council at around $300. Via WFAA