20 Slang Terms From the 80's that No One Uses Anymore

January 8, 2018
Times seemed to be a lot easier back in the 1980's. Coca-Cola still used their original recipe, big hair was totally normal and the language was rad. So rad that we've found a list of the best words and slang used back in the day. Maybe it was a good thing we stopped using some of these, or maybe we should bring back some 80's slang.
  1. Gag me with a spoon Just something you would say when you found something disgusting, like an ugly pair of shoes.
  2. Choice A use of slang used to describe something cool, or awesome indicating you made the right choice. That hat is looking choice today, man.
  3. Phat Not an insult when used with a PH, but a compliment of excellence.
  4. Bad In this case, bad means good. Even Michael Jackson was singing about how bad (good) he was back in the day.
  5. Bag your face When you had a big Ol' zit or shiner on your face, and your friends kindly told you to bag your face from being seen.
  6. Gnarly Don't forget the G is silent. Skateboarders, surfers and rollerbladers knew how to use this word properly to describe completing a difficult trick or task.
  7. Having a cow For when your having one of those days and are very upset, you're having a cow.
  8. No Duh When the answer is pretty obvious and deserves only two words, No Duh.
  9. Barf me out Just another gross way of saying uncool, stupid or disgusting.
  10. Not Even You know when you disagree with someone and just can't even.
  11. What's Your Damage? More like what this the attitude my friend.
  12. Word When you and someone else agree on the same thing.
  13. Grody Another term used to say gross or disgusting
  14. Tubular More surfer slang, used to describe something cool and exciting.
  15. Grindage Typically junk food or snacks. We all had that friend that liked to chow down on all the Grindage in your fridge.
  16. Cheeuh  More or so a sound than a word, just another way to say yes.
  17. Butter That's Butter, man! You know, smooth, like butter.
  18. Bod If you wanted to describe the kind of body you have, you said bod.
  19. Zeek You know, when you find the geeky guy hot.
  20. Bounce When it's time to go, let's bounce.
Source Via: Best Of Life Online