Radiohead is Suing Lana Del Rey for Allegedly Copying 'Creep'

January 7, 2018
What started as a rumor turned out to be true. No one had confirmed or not, that Radiohead was suing Lana Del Rey for coping one of their songs. Well Lana confirmed herself that she is indeed being sued by Radiohead over her song 'Get Free'. Radiohead claims that her song is to similar to their breakout hit 'Creep'. Lana claims that the band wants 100% of the publishing, and that she even offered them 40%, but will not accept it. Oddly enough Radiohead was sued for 'Creep' sounding to similar to 'The Air That I Breathe' by the Hollies. The writers of 'The Air That I Breathe' Albert Hammond and Mike Hazlewood won their suit and are now listed as co-writers of 'Creep'. Take a listen below and tell us what you think. Source Via: Pitchfork