Dog Found Miles Away After Being Snatched Up By An Eagle

January 6, 2018
For those with small dogs, know the skies are dangerous. Earlier in the week a family pet was snatched up by an eagle in Pennsylvania. Felipe Rodriguez was watching his sisters dog when he heard a loud screech and saw their little 8 pound bichon frise, Zoey be scooped up by an eagle and disappear behind the trees. Rodriguez drove around the neighborhood looking for the little dog, but no sign. Rodriguez's sister Monica Newhard, tells the Associated Press that the family spent the whole day crying. Little did they know that someone had spotted the small dog on;y 4 miles away. Christina Hartman was driving down a snow covered road when she spotted little Zoey off to the side. Hartman says when she found the dog, she was covered in icicles, had small wounds and a limp. In less than a day the Zoey was home. Hartman had seen a picture on Facebook that Monica Newhard had posted saying they had lost their dog. Newhard told the Associated Press “She is not really herself, but she is getting lots of love. She doesn’t want to go out. … I really can’t blame her.” Source Via: Fort Worth Star Telegram