Dallas Middle School Asks For 150 Volunteers For "Breakfast With Dads" Event; Over 600 Show Up To Eat With And Mentor Students

January 6, 2018
Billy Earl Dade Middle School used to be one of the worst-performing schools in Dallas. Steadily, however, they've made strides in improving student life and performance, thanks to an initiative school administrators took to providing more mentors for its students.  One of these opportunities was an upcoming "Breakfast With Dads" event, where boys could converse with adults on whatever they wanted to, though the school needed volunteers. For many of the students, their dads couldn't make it, or were not present in the home-life altogether.  Organizer Kristina Chaade pleaded for around 50-100 volunteers to dine with the students. The response was overwhelming.  On the day of the event, over 600 men showed up, from a member of the National Guard to an auctioneer, who imparted whatever wisdom they had on the students, including how to tie a tie, one of the marquee presentations of the event. https://twitter.com/DISDPD_AChiefJR/status/941342229813190657?ref_src=tw... The event was a rousing success for the school, and truly proves their commitment to improving their student body.  Band teacher Greg Mea told the Dallas News, "They are great kids. You can't let a ZIP code or part of the city define them." Via Delish