Verne "Mini Me" Troyer Buys Himself A Mini Tesla Model S

January 5, 2018
In the midst of all your own Christmas celebrating, you might have missed one of the cutest gifts of all. 48-year-old, and 2-feet 8-inches high, Verne Troyer (who famously played "Mini Me" in a couple of the Austin Powers flicks, not to mention Griphook in a few Harry Potter movies) bought a brand new shiny red mini Tesla Model S for Christmas.  As you can watch in the video above, it's a pretty dang sweet ride: with working headlights and horn, a boomin' sound system, "frunk" (front trunk) and leveling out at a high speed 6 mph. You could buy your own "mini" Tesla Model S, too, for $499 in a variety of actual Tesla colors: Midnight Silver Metallic, Red Metallic, Solid White or Deep Blue Metallic.  Just a head's up: it's recommended for children ages 3-8, with an 80 lb. weight limit. Do you mean I'll have to buy a real one? Source: iDrop News Follow Jack on FacebookTwitter or Instagram @JACKFMDFW!