Woman Crashes Car Into Home After Dog Leaps Into Her Lap Trying To Eat Her Sandwich

January 4, 2018
You're driving a car....while eating food....while your hungry pooch is sitting in the backseat waiting to strike.  It certainly sounds like a recipe for disaster, and a Long Island woman now knows this all too well. She was driving near her home in Long Island eating an egg sandwich while another man and her dog were in the car with her.  Of course, where there's food, there inevitably will be dog.  Her pup launched itself from the backseat and made its way into the woman's lap as she was driving.  She lost control of the vehicle, and crashed into a, thankfully, vacant and condemned home. https://twitter.com/GREGCERGOL4NY/status/948248125990408192?ref_src=twsr... Thankfully, nobody in the vehicle, especially the dog, were hurt in the crash.  We can't say the same for the egg sandwich however. Via NBC New York