Getting Rid of Your Chistmas Tree? This Woman in Flower Mound Could Take It to Feed Her Camels

January 4, 2018
With the holidays over and people going back to work, a little holiday post cleaning is also in order for many. If you bought a real Christmas tree this year, one of those duties includes throwing it out. We all know it can be a drag and often times these trees aren't disposed of in the most eco-friendly way. But one woman in Flower Mound is providing a different solution for those looking to discard of their trees. The answer? You can actually give your Christmas tree to Maribeth Yarborough who can feed her camels with it. Yes, you read that right. Camels. Yarborough owns eight of them, actually. According to her, Christmas trees that were once fresh but discarded shortly into the New Year, can make the perfect snack for camels. In an interview with WFAA, Yarborough says, "As you notice, all of our leaves have gone away. There's nothing to top feed. And I thought, why not take advantage of some of those trees?" Her neighbor, Natalie Munch, is one of a dozen who have donated their Christmas trees to the camels. "I had no idea that they would eat Christmas trees. This way it does nothing but help the environment, help the animals. It's awesome!" If you're wanting to feed camels and dispose of your tree in a more eco-friendly way, head over to Yarborough's Facebook post for more information. Just remember to take off all the ornaments and trinkets on there!