'Knight Rider' Fan Recreates The Best (And Most Accurate) K.I.T.T. Ever

January 3, 2018
Eat your heart out, David Hasselhoff.  Chris Blasius might have the coolest K.I.T.T. ever. The Ohio car (and Knight Rider) enthusiast painstakingly recreated the iconic Pontiac Trans Am from the ground up: and the results are breathtaking (inside and outside of the car).  He decided to go with the first season's version of the television show's automobile (all the way down to the Goodyear Eagle GT tires): from back in 1982. How obsessive was Mr. Blasius?  His K.I.T.T. can repeat 20 phrases from the show at the push of a button (he can swap and load more on an SD card if we wants to), it has a 600-watt amplifier that plays the distinctive "whurr-whurr" sound though exterior speakers when the car is in motion, and a battery in the trunk can run all of the cool electronics for about eight hours if he wants to display K.I.T.T. at a car show. Check out the incredibly detail-oriented craftsmanship (not to mention some more breathtaking pictures) in Car & Driver here. https://twitter.com/CARandDRIVER/status/948305428936577024 Source: Car & Driver Follow Jack on FacebookTwitter or Instagram @JACKFMDFW!