YouTuber Logan Paul Apologizes For Showing A Dead Body In His Latest Video

January 2, 2018
It's one thing to see a dead body on the news and a completely different story when a YouTuber knowingly goes into Japan's suicide forest while rolling tape. YouTuber, Logan Paul, is the latest "celeb" to find himself in an internet firestorm of outrage and deservedly so. Why? Well, not only did he show the body a man hanging from a tree, but he also laughed about it with friends. Here's a mashup of his reactions. Don't worry, this video does not contain images of the dead man.
After all the backlash, Logan has apologized saying... Basically he got caught up in the moment or that's the gist of the apology anyway. The video has since been deleted from his YouTube channel. There were some stolen clips floating around online, but it looks like they've all been taken too. So if  you're into that, you'll have to search for it on your own.