Man Named Bruce Wayne Sets Record For Eating At Chipotle 426 Days In A Row

January 1, 2018
No matter how much you love Chipotle, there is no way you are as dedicated a fan as Bruce Wayne. Yes, his real name is Bruce Wayne.  We haven't been able to confirm his identity as Batman, because why would Batman ever tell us? Wayne started this venture October 30, 2016, after researching the previous world record holder, who was able to maintain his physique while eating at the restaurant every day.  Bruce Wayne made it his mission to break to the record, and he's finally succeeded. His record-breaking visit was commemorated with a custom Chipotle cape (of course!), as well as a set of cufflinks. As of now, Wayne has no plans to stop eating Chipotle everyday.  Chris Arnold, communications director at Chipotle, said of his feat, "Day after day we’re committed to serving our customers the most delicious, real ingredients we can find and it’s great to see a customer like Bruce is as committed to us as we are to him." Via WGN TV