Samsung's 'Growing up' Ad Takes a Direct Jab at AppleThe ad calls out Apple during as it celebrates its release of the iPhone X.
Nissin Introduces $130 Fork That Cancels The Noise From Ramen Noodle SlurpingNissin is one of the titans of the instant ramen noodle game.
Amazon Key Is a New Service That Wants to Deliver Packages Inside Your HomeThe new delivery service is asking for more than a key to your front door, it's asking for your trust.
Users Who Have Downloaded iOS 11 Experiencing Much Shorter Battery Lives Than BeforeThe new iOS software offers a lot for the iPhone users who have downloaded, although it appears to  come at a price.
Boomboxes From the '70s And '80s Are Making A Comeback!The resurgence of vinyl records over the last few years has paved the ground for another classic piece of music technology.  
Facebook Now Has a 'Snooze' Button to Temporarily Hide Annoying People in Your FeedWe all know someone like this on Facebook...
Texas Among the First 10 Potential Hyperloop Routes to HappenHyperloop One optimistically hopes to have the routes up and running by 2021.
The New iPhone 8 Will Have a Glass Back and People Are Not Convinced"Now I can shatter my screen on BOTH sides and stare into my reflection with disappointment twice."
New Apple Leaks Show Off New Information About New iPhones!If you were browsing Reddit last Friday, you may have stumbled upon some brand new "leaked" infor about the new upcoming iPhones.
Leaked Photos of the iPhone 8 Look Promising in a New Copper ColorLeaked photos show a brand new color of what might very well be the next iPhone.
"The Orbiter" Is Here To Replace All Of Your Fidget SpinnersThe folks over at TEC Accessories are hoping to capitalize on what popularity fidget spinners have left with their brand new fidget device "The Orbiter."
Don't Worry If You Forget Your Password, Website Will Allow Men To Log In With Their WeenLike fingerprints and eyeballs, men's penises have distinct characteristics and features unique to each individual.

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