This School is Offering Bulletproof Backpack Inserts to Students in Case of a Mass ShootingShould we be questioning the backpack inserts or the need to even have those in the first place?
Auto Tracking Company Falls Victim To Massive Data LeakOver half a million personal and vehicle records have been leaked.
How Apple's iOS 11 Do Not Disturb While Driving Feature WorksBy detecting your motion the iPhone can figure out that you’re in a car and lock you out of the phone.
Duncanville High School On High Alert Due To Social Media Gun ThreatExtra security measures have been taken today by campus security and Duncanville police
Company Hoping To Use Stray Dogs As New Crime-Fighting Unit Using Smart Vest TechnologyIn an area riddled with crime and abandoned animals, a South Korean company is hoping their latest development will help put an end to both problems.
Washington D.C. Builds A Memorial To Honor The Security Robot Who Drowned Itself In A FountainRemember that mall robot who was viciously attacked by a drunk man earlier this year? Not too long after repairs, the little guy was put back to work doing security at an office building.
You Won't Believe How Easy It Is To Hack Into Someone's WebcamIt'll only cost you $28...
Massive Security Seen At Ariana Grande's HouseMakes sense...
Video Shows Man Dragged Off Overbooked United Flight in ChicagoUnited Airlines CEO has posted a statement regarding the situation. No word yet from Chicago Department of Aviation police.
Oak Cliff Resident's Edited Video Of Burglary Attempt Goes ViralWhen Oak Cliff resident Nate Gasset set up his home security cameras, we don't think he knew how much fun he'd have watching a burglar attempt to rob his house.
Kendall Jenner Had Personal Security At VS Fashion ShowWell that's one way to keep yourself safe.
Ellen Almost Missed Getting The Medal Of Freedom Because She Forgot Her I.D.Yesterday was probably one of the greatest days in Ellen DeGeneres' life. President Obama honored her with the prestigious Presidential Medal of Freedom. Funny story though...she almost didn't make it inside the White House!

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