Candy Corn, Sour Patch Kids, And Tootsie Pops Are The Most Popular Candies Nationwide; Starburst Reigns Supreme In TexasNationwide, Candy Corn, Sour Patch Kids, and Tootsie Pops are the most popular in the most states, and for Texas, we like to nibble down in some Starburst!
These Are Predicted To Be The Ten Most Popular Halloween Costumes This YearIf you want to stand out this year, shopping website Lyst took data from searches, pins and saves of Pinterest users to find out what costumes are shaping up to be the most popular this year.
These 17 Google Easter Eggs Are Perfect For Those Times You're Bored At The Office!We understand those times when you're sitting at your desk just watching the clock tick down.  Maybe it's just after lunch and you're too full to get anything accomplished, or maybe you're done your work for the day, and are looking to spend a few minutes relaxing.
What Are The Most Popular Brands Mentioned In Pop Music Today?Taste have definitely changed over the past few decades, so what are the most popular brands among pop stars today?  
"The Orbiter" Is Here To Replace All Of Your Fidget SpinnersThe folks over at TEC Accessories are hoping to capitalize on what popularity fidget spinners have left with their brand new fidget device "The Orbiter."
Japan's Most Popular Children's Book Series Is About A Butt That Solves CrimesOshiri Tantei is the most popular children's book series in Japan right now.
Charcoal Lattes Are the New Drink You NeedThis latte might be refreshing to look at after the wave of highly-saturated colored beverages we've seen lately.
The Most Popular Emojis Used On Tinder During Valentine's DayPeople who use emojis tend to have more "fulfilling" relationships, go on more dates, and are two times more likely to get married than non-emoji users.
Stats Reveal The First Names That Get The Most Right Swipes On TinderThere are plenty of tips and tricks to get the most attention and "right swipes" on Tinder, including wearing bright colors to stand out from the 72% of users who wear neutral colors, and smiling for your profile picture boosts your chances to get a right swipe by 14%.
JNCO Jeans Are Back And Bigger Than EverIt seems that the era of skinny jeans has come and gone.
VIDEO: Pentatonix Sings Hip Hop in the Form of a Broadway Musical
Top 10 Dog Names In The U.S.

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