You Should Drink Bloody Marys When You Fly, According To ScienceApparently a plane is the perfect environment for the best tasting tomato juice.
Plane Makes Emergency Landing After Wife Began Hitting Husband After Discovering Affair Mid-FlightAn outraged wife causing a Qatar Airways flight to make an emergency landing in India after she refused to cease hitting her husband while sitting on the plane.
This Plane Made An Emergency Landing After One Wife Found Out About Husband's Affair Mid-FlightProbably one of the most awkward flights in history.
Oklahoma City Thunder Plane Gets Damage Mid-Air
Mark Cuban Lends Mavericks' Team Plane To J.J. Barea To Take Supplies To Puerto RicoThe category 4 storm has caused tens of billions of dollars in damages and has knocked out power to the entire island.  
A $139 Plane Seat VS A $24,000 Plane SeatWhat is it about us that we’re so curious about watching other people eat stuff, or do stuff anywhere in the world.
Someone Dropped Their Phone from a Plane and It Survived to Record the FallWhat kind of phone case does this guy have?
ACT FAST: Southwest Airlines Selling Premium Seats to See Solar Eclipse
Man Checks Single Can Of Beer As Luggage On FlightA man only identified as Dean thought he and his buddy would try a little experiment when traveling from Melbourne to Perth.  
Victim of United Airlines Might Have Permanent Brain Damage
Flight Delayed After Woman Boarding Throws Loose Change Into Engine For Good LuckA flight from Shanghai to Guangzhou, China was delayed for several hours on Tuesday after a woman threw loose change into the engine while boarding for good luck.
The Tray Table Is The Dirtiest Thing On An AirplaneIn an experiment by Travel Math, a microbiologist took 26 samples from 5 airports and 4 flights to determine the most unclean areas in planes and airports...

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