Research Shows First-Borns Are More SuccessfulDepends on how one defines success, but according to a new study first-born sons are significantly more likely to work in executive positions than second-born siblings.
Dad Trolls His Son At Basketball Game For Making Bad GradesAn NBA fan is making waves for bringing a sign to a Cleveland Cavaliers vs. Charlotte Hornets game that called out his son for apparently not bringing home a satisfactory report card.
Parents Reveal Their Most Ridiculous Rules For Their ChildrenParents know the struggle. Sometimes you have to get a little tough with the youngins, and throw the hammer down with some discipline.
It Could Be Baby #5 for 'Fixer Upper' Stars Chip and Joanna Gaines
Hospital Bills Woman for Holding Her Baby After C-SectionA labor and delivery nurse explains the charge.
See The Picture 'Fixer Upper' Joanna Gaines Posted That Has The Internet "Humming"Five years ago, Joanna Gaines planted an Adonis blue butterfly bush outside her daughters' bedroom at their Waco farmhouse.
Erika Christensen Gives Birth, Gives Baby Girl A Boy NameThe 'Parenthood' star has jumped on the baby-girl-with-a-boy-name bandwagon along with Jessica Simpson and Blake Lively.
WATCH: These Premature Twins Holding Hands Will Give You An "Awwww" Moment
Can We Discuss The Horror Of 'Cheetos Kid?'This Viral Video of 9-year-old's mastery of four-letter words and Flamin' Hot Cheetos makes us want to cry
Kids Are Most Fun at Age 5; Most Stressful, 10 to 12The average parent thinks raising kids is 50% fun, and 50% hard work, and think FIVE is the most fun age. Why?
WATCH: Dad Builds Transformers Birthday Cake That Actually TransformsAuto-cakes, roll out!
Megan Fox And Her Marriage Breakdown

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