'Sexy' Kangaroo Blocks Tourist From Using the Restroom, Goes ViralThis isn't a usual road block.
Getting Rid of Your Chistmas Tree? This Woman in Flower Mound Could Take It to Feed Her CamelsHere's a unique way to discard of your Christmas tree!
Dashcam Video of a Car Crash Lines Up Oddly Perfect With the Background MusicWhat a weird coincidence....
Texas Man Gets Trapped Inside an ATMThe man was slipped 'help me' notes through the receipt slot.
Artist Leaves 15,000 Coins on a Sidewalk and Live Tweets What HappensWhat would you do if you stumbled across this many coins?
Tony Bennett Met His Current Wife While Her Mother Was Pregnant With HerIn Tony Bennett's new book, Just Getting Started, he describes the first encounter he had with his current wife, Susan Benedetto, and it is unlike any you have heard before.
2015: The Year Selfies Were More Dangerous Than Sharks
Psychic Reveals The Trick To Picking Your Lucky Lotto Numbers
Woman Lifts Heavy Objects With Her Lady-Parts
Man Hurls Ribs At Cars
Couple Has Zombie-Themed Wedding
Who Needs Coffee When You Can Have Sprayable Energy?

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