Millennials Are Making Cash ObsoleteIf you’re of a certain age you may not know this common scenario. Young adults at a restaurants: one person pays for all – with their phone – the others transfer their portion of the bill to that person. Via their phone.
Back Off Binge Watching To Decrease Risk of Alzheimer's and Other Health ProblemsEver find yourself watching 4 or more episodes of Game Of Thrones or another series, in a row?
Study Finds Millennials Cheat Less Than Previous GenerationsA study from the Institute for Family Studies found that 20% of people aged 55-years or older admitted to relations outside of their marriage.
New School Teaches Millennials How To "Adult"In November of last year, the Adulting School opened in Portland, Maine. Co-founders Rachel Weinstein and Katie Brunelle describe the institute as a "modern-day home economics class."
Things We Had To Deal With 15 Years Ago That Kids Just Won't UnderstandBuzzfeed put together a great list of almost 30 things those 14 or younger may not realize WE had to deal with back in the "good ol' days."
How Much Does the Average Millennial in DFW Make?The buying power across Texas metros is pretty impressive.
Millennials Try A McDonald's Big Mac For The First Time: And It's HILARIOUS!Hard to believe, but not everyone has tried two all beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions on a sesame seed bun.
Reasons To Hate Millennials
Study: More Millennials Live with Parents Than Partners
VIDEO: Dallas Singer Gains National Attention with "You've Gotta Love Millennials"
Are Millennials Entitled? If You Agree, This Woman Will Be Your New Hero!Have you seen this video floating around the internet recently? This young woman went on a rant about millennials. Granted she is one herself, but she is talking about what she has observed.
Nearly 42 Million Views of Facebook Rant About Millennials

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