Gas Station Attendant With A Fire Extinguisher Handily Takes Care Of Customer Who Won't Quit Smoking At PumpIsn't it in the rule book of filling your car up with gas to not smoke at the gas station?
Mama Moose Charges After A Man For Getting Too Close To Her CalfRule #1 of wildlife...just leave it be. Sadly, there are some who have to learn that the hard way.
Man Punches Active Bear Trap Just To See If He Can Get Away With It (Video)What do you get when you cross an old man with a live, active bear trap?  
Man Rides Horse Straight Into Whataburger In Victoria (Video)Only in Texas.
Naked Man Does $10,000 In Damage At Chicken Wing RestaurantJuicy Wingz in Pasadena, California promises its patrons that "you will sweat" if you dare to order their hot wings.
That's Not A Driverless Car, That's A Man Driving A Car While Dressed Up Like The Car's SeatIt's another case of...we can't make this stuff up!
Surprise! There's A Naked Man In Your Wedding Pics!There's no doubt that your wedding day is one of the most important days in you life. Not only do you want to get your vows right, but you want the pictures to reflect the love.
Florida Man Wrestles 16 Foot Python in the Everglades
Drunk Man Arrested For Beating Up Silicon Valley's Crime-Fighting Robot41-year-old Jason Sylvain was brought in by police after he drunkenly started a fight with a crime-fighting robot known as the Knightscope K5.
Man Dies After Riding Thunder Mountain at Disney World
Engineer Marries The Robot He Built After He Couldn't Find A Human SpouseZheng Jiajia is an expert in artificial intelligence who spends his days designing and creating robots in China's Hangzhou, Zhejiang province.
South African Man Crosses The Atlantic by Paddle Boarding

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