Starbucks For Lunch? Company Opening First Bakery In Seattle, More Locations To FollowIf Starbucks has their way, you'll no longer stop at your local shop for just a quick coffee on the go.
Rowlett High School Shut Down After Pepper Spray Fight At LunchLunch time at Rowlett High School had to be shut down Tuesday afternoon after two students engaged in a pepper spray fight.
Houston ISD Will Provide Three Meals A Day For Its Students For A Year Totally FreeThis means that each of Houston's ISD 218,000 plus students will be receiving three square meals all day free for the entire year.
Boys Asks Mom To Pack Extra Lunch For Kid With Hardly Any FoodJosette Duran thought it unusual when her son asked her if she could pack him an extra lunch for school everyday.
Teen Facing Jail After Being Accused Of Stealing $0.65 Carton Of Milk From Lunch LineRyan Turk, 14, only says he went back through to the line after noticing he did not grab a carton of milk the first time.
Watch: Husband Forgets Lunch, Wife Throws It Into Car from Balcony!This woman has impressive aim!
College Football Player Sits With Autistic Sixth Grader Eating Lunch AloneThe memories of eating lunch by yourself at school still haunt many people to this day.
New to Dallas? See How to Spend Some Hours at Uptown!
Stephen Colbert Wants To Chat Over LunchIt's the American thing to do.
The Last Slice Of Pizza You Will Ever Eat
Learn How To Line Dance At Billy Bob'sYou will be shunned if you mention "The Macarena" or "The Electric Slide."
Eagle Gets Hungry Puts Baby On The Menu

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