Hair Swap! Featuring Donald Trump & Kim Jong-Un!It’s an epic battle between the two worst haircuts in the world. Donald Trump VS Kim Jong-Un!
Man Presumed Dead For 12 Years Actually Kidnapped By North Korea To Teach Kim Jong Un EnglishDavid Sneddon was reported missing in 2004 during a trip to China. He vanished in the Yunnan Province and was presumed dead.
North Korea Fires Missile From Submarine In "Annual Military Drill"Could we finally be on the brink of World War III?
World Leaders Photoshopped With Man Buns Is The Scariest And Funniest Thing You Will See All DayEither way it's funny.
Seth Rogen And James Franco Might Start World War IIIApparently Seth Rogen and James Franco have seriously pissed off the North Korean government and their dictator Kim Jong-un with their next project.
The Onion Fools Newspaper Into Thinking Kim Jong Un Is Sexiest Man Alive

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