'Sexy' Kangaroo Blocks Tourist From Using the Restroom, Goes ViralThis isn't a usual road block.
People Are Freaking Out Over This 6'5'' Jacked KangarooHow does a kangaroo get in this good a shape?
Boy Tries To Feed Kangaroo, Gets Punched In The Face For His EffortLet this be a lesson to all of you out there: while most of its power is located in the legs, kangaroos still have a vicious jab.
Kangaroos Have Overtaken a Golf Course
Man Fights Kangaroo To Save Dog (Video)Not a whole lot is known of this man, as of yet, only that he appears he would do anything to save his good puppy dog.
Restaurant Serving Kangaroo Burgers
Fox And Pig Help Kangaroos Bust Out Of Zoo

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