Nurses Sneak Dog Into Hospital So Dying Man Can Say Final GoodbyeDavid King unfortunately passed away last Wednesday after a bout with cancer.  
Man Shoots Himself In The Penis Trying To Rob Hot Dog StandA 19-year-old in South Side Chicago spent last Tuesday night in the hospital after a robbery attempt gone horribly, horribly wrong.  
Window Washers Dressed As Superheroes Surprise Kids At Children's Medical Center PlanoIn order to help celebrate Halloween, window washers donned superhero outfits to surprise some of the kids currently staying at Children's Medical Center Plano.  
Selena Gomez Gets Interviewed About Her Kidney Transplant
Las Vegas Victim: Tina Frost Wakes Up From Coma, Takes First Steps
Jordan Spieth Stopped By Children's Health DallasIt's always cool to see a celebrity or pro athlete take time out of their busy schedule to visit kiddos stuck in the hospital.
Health Professionals Reporting Numerous Cases Where Patients Put Sunscreen In Eyeballs To Watch EclipseRather than purchase a pair of eclipse sunglasses or make a pinhole box to view last week's eclipse, a lot of geniuses opted to drown their eyes in sunscreen thinking it would produce a similar protective effect.
Man Wakes Up With Severe Pain, Doctors Proceed To Remove Live Gecko From Ear CanalA Chinese man woke up with severe ear pain.  
Wisconsin Man Casually Drives Himself To Hospital With A Nail In His ChestThat is one tough dude...
Justin Bieber Accidentally Drives Into Photographer While Leaving A Church ServiceFresh off cancelling the rest of the Purpose Tour, Justin Bieber said he was going to take some time to relax, and ride some bikes.  Well, he probably should have stuck to that whole bike plan.
Girl Sneaks Her Grandmothers Dog into Hospital to Visit
Hospital Leaves Thousands Of Medical Records Up On The InternetA result of extreme security negligence.

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