Live In DFW And Having Trouble Using Google Arts And Culture Face Match? Here's Why!There's no doubt your entire Twitter feed is probably filled with people all over the country trying out the Google Arts and Culture Face Match app.
Woman’s Cat Maternity Photo Shoot Goes ViralThe post has since gone viral with many sharing their amusement by this.
Google's Art App Will Find Your Famous Portrait DopplegangerIf you ever wanted to know what historical painting you resemble, now's your chance!
School District Announces a Snow Day With a Backstreet Boys ParodyThe video even has a special shout out from one of the Backstreet Boys himself!
'Sexy' Kangaroo Blocks Tourist From Using the Restroom, Goes ViralThis isn't a usual road block.
Dallas Woman's Stinky Revenge on Package Thief Is GreatWe bet the package thief won't be back anytime soon!
Woman Attempts To Return Dead Christmas Tree To Costco Ten Days After ChristmasIt's about that time when all of our Christmas trees are being thrown to the curb.  
Guy Slips Prince Harry His Card in Hopes of DJing His WeddingThis guy is taking his chances!
Steve Carell FINALLY Meets Kelly Clarkson, 13 Years After "40-Year-Old Virgin" Released13 years ago, Steve Carell leapt into our hearts with his performance in The 40-Year-Old Virgin.  
Woman Condemns Michelin Star Restaurant After Husband Accidentally Eats NapkinShe went on to criticize the restaurant for its "pretentiousness," saying the establishment was bordering less a restaurant but a church, and served their food with a "reverence that bordered on religious fervour."  
Woman Gets Entire Plane to Herself After Accidentally Being Booked on a Staff FlightWhat a lucky person!
Woman Crashes Car Into Home After Dog Leaps Into Her Lap Trying To Eat Her SandwichYou're driving a car....while eating food....while your hungry pooch is sitting in the backseat waiting to strike.  It certainly sounds like a recipe for disaster.

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