You Should Drink Bloody Marys When You Fly, According To ScienceApparently a plane is the perfect environment for the best tasting tomato juice.
Plane Makes Emergency Landing After Wife Began Hitting Husband After Discovering Affair Mid-FlightAn outraged wife causing a Qatar Airways flight to make an emergency landing in India after she refused to cease hitting her husband while sitting on the plane.
This Plane Made An Emergency Landing After One Wife Found Out About Husband's Affair Mid-FlightProbably one of the most awkward flights in history.
Lucky Woman Buys $60 Plane Ticket And Is The Only Passenger On BoardLooks like she got the VIP treatment.
Man Flies 15 Miles Across South Africa Powered Only By 100 BalloonsIn one of the greatest Disney/Pixar movies of all time, Up, Carl Fredricksen takes flight in his home turned airship powered only by thousands of helium balloons.
Passenger Sues Airline For Serving Sparkling Wine Instead Of ChampagneThe passenger claims the airline falsely advertised the flight.
Women Who Underwent Massive Plastic Surgery Denied Entry To Flight Because They Looked Nothing Like Their PassportsThree Chinese women traveled to South Korea during China's national holiday "Golden Week" to undergo some plastic surgery.
Someone Drew A Texas Longhorn Over Texas Mid FlightFlightAware is the world’s largest flight tracking data company. Basically it’s the Google Maps of aviation.
Cancelled Fight Leads Man To Purchase Million Dollar Lottery TicketPaul Kuharevicz realized every traveler's worst nightmare, when his flight home was cancelled.  
Teenage Boy Decides To Exit Plane Through The Emergency ExitThe plane was taxiing to the gate when the boy decided to open the emergency exit and slide down the wing of the plane.
ACT FAST: Southwest Airlines Selling Premium Seats to See Solar Eclipse
France Introduces New Airline Catered To MillennialsAir France is determined to cater to a younger generation.  

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