Apple Reveals The Most Popular Emoji Of 2017
Apparently There's a Problem With the Apple & Google Burger Emoji
Using Emojis In Work Emails Apparently Makes You Look IncompetentMight want to review that work email before you hit "send."  
New Emoji's are On the Way, and One of Them is a Frowning Poop Face Emoji
What Are The Meanings Of The 10 Weirdest Emojis?Really...what's up with the snowballs in a wheat field?
More Emoji Hair (And Head) Types Are Finally On The Way!Let's just say Ed Sheeran and Anderson Cooper are rejoicing.
This App Will Turn Your Photos into EmojisWhy make a kissy face for the camera when the app can do it for you?
New Emoji Update Includes A Mermaid, Giraffe, Sandwich, And A Person With A HeadscarfThere will be new emojis coming in June!
Texas Lawmaker Wants Us All To Stop Using The Chilean Flag Emoji for TX
The Most Popular Emojis Used On Tinder During Valentine's DayPeople who use emojis tend to have more "fulfilling" relationships, go on more dates, and are two times more likely to get married than non-emoji users.
Redhead Emojis Are On The Way!The Emoji Subcommitte are finally going to respond to the constant request for redheaded emojis.
Doughnut Shop Creates Poop Emoji Chocolate DoughnutThe Doughnut Parlor in Rancho Santa Margarita, California decided to create an edible treat designed after the world's most popular emoji.

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